Meet our Zebras

We are so proud of our family of Zebras at JBay Zebra Lodge, so without further ado - allow us to introduce you to our four-legged family.

This lady looks like being pregnant! If right, we will need to wait until end of the year to see a baby popping out!

DSC 7055


It is not often that all six zebras are staying together. This morning they were almost acting as one familly, but for a very short while!

DSC 7187


Even though our zebra are wild animals, we had a little concern about Sugus who had injured her left front knee last Friday! On Sunday it was still not looking good at all. She was hardly putting her foot on the ground. However, it was interesting to see how she was resting as much as possible and streching her leg. But finally, we were so happy to see her this morning, walking almost as nothing had happened! Sugus is recovering very well.

DSC 7064



Even though Thinky is quiet lunatic with his pairs is very sympathetic!



Thinky also likes to rest! Often away from the laddies!

DSC 6633

Zebra stripes are not just stripes on horse to make them looking better! They are there to cool down their body! We all know that black attract heat and white repel it which make air circulating by convection around the animal and regulate their body temperature!



I have never seen them all lying at the same time. There is always one watching out while others rest. Here with Spotty making sure her best friend Sugus can rest a bit.



Our two young ladies "Sugus" & "Spotty" cannot live separated! They even share the grass!



Zebras are very interesting animals to observe. Like humans, they have their best friends and they would show who they love!

DSC 6625


Our last zebra, "Marty", has been running and playing around the lodge since she was born, on the 10th of October 2013. Unfortunately, she has been found dead this morning in the bush after having been missing for two days! Unfortunately I could not figure out what happened and we really miss her.



Even though our zebras are quiet tame, they are still wild animals and very unpredictable. Our dog "Flêche" won't tell you otherwise. Here with "Thinky" and "Flêche" having a conversation in front of J-Bay Zebra Lodge main entrance!

Novembre 2013


I must recon that zebras seem to have understood their job! They hardly fail to show up in front of the Lodge for breakfast time!


Ok, it is not really a zebra, but that tortoise is the biggest I have ever seen in our land! Inês, our daughter said his name must be "Eavy" because it was so heavy!

Novembre 2013 310


Sparkles has left Marty with Sugus and Spotty who love babysitting!

DSC 6319


Thinky, Sparkle, Spotty, Sugus and Marty were present to say good bye to our customers. Even Patapouffe and Choucroute were awaiting for them on the side of the road for when they were leaving! That's nice and very polite...

DSC 6316b


This picture has been taken about two day ago when Thinky was like laughing at his pairs! Or maybe laughing at everyone watching at them from the terrasse!

DSC 6203B


Marty is getting big, now relaxing with Sugus (front) and Spotty! But where is mama Sparkles? Just few meters away!

 DSC 5868


Sparkles and Marty in a warm afternoon. Like any baby, Marty likes to rest even though I have never seen her asleep!

DSC 5745


Spotty, the good friend of Marty had a itchy ear today! He probably spend to much time playing in the bush!

DSC 5481


Cute Marty likes to run around the group but also love to rest. It has been already one week he breath for the first time. Very soon his fluffy four will disappear!

DSC 5415


We are so glad to welcome a new cute pensioner, "Marty". Congratulation for to Sparkles for having brought to us such a beautiful baby!

DSC 5363


Even though zebras are non-selective grazers, they do have preference for green grass especially the one around the Lodge! This morning Thinky was about to knock at the door!

DSC 5141


We do not see them lying on the grass very often, however for the last fee weeks they have been quiet lazy indeed! Here Thinky, the dominant male!

DSC 5101


It has been more than one week that Choucroutte (left) and Patapouffe have left the group. They are now avoiding their old friends and seem to have decided to walk their own way!

choucroutte patapouffe


Sparkles has finally met the group and joined them. However, it did not take long before the group split again. Choucroutte et Patapouffe did not see it well and went apart!

This morning, Thinky, Spotty, Sparkles and Sugus were grazing in front of the Lodge. They are so beautiful animals.



Our sixth zebra just arrived at J-Bay Zebra Lodge yesterday. Her name is Sparkles. Yes it is a lady and she is pregnant for about 8 month already. We can expect a baby very soon.

Now, we do have three females and three males. She was still alone this morning but I am sure she will make a friend very shortly!



Spotty is easyly reconizable with its small dot under his left eye! Her best friend is Thinky with who she spend most of her time!



Tuesday 6th of August 2013, Thinky (right) and Spotty spending their time grazing in the bush!

06.08.2013 thinky.spotty


It is quiet interesting to see how our zebras are doing from day to day. May be because they are all youngsters and they are trying to find their way! For few weeks now, Thinky and Spotty have been leaving the group and joining back after few days! However, even though they are staying with the rest of the group, those two chaps like each other and are allway together, never far appart! I think they just fall in love!

DSC 3741


Let me introduce you, from left to right, "Choucroute" "Thinky" & "Spotty", three of our currently five zebras. They have been introduced last May and really enjoy there life at J-Bay Zebra Lodge so far! "Patapouffe" et "Sugus" has been pushed out of the group for two days now. However, I have good hope to see those two back to the group very soon! I will keep you posted!

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